St Mary's Altona

At St Marys we have a very eager and enthusiastic staff who are always looking for ways to improve their teaching, and the learning of their students.

We jumped on board with WeSTEM 2.0 as we had such great success with the first round of WeSTEM that we wanted to keep the momentum going. We also had a shift in staff and felt we needed to make it a priority again.

After our initial WeSTEM 2.0 Professional Development Days we decided that we wanted to work on our Integrated learning throughlines and better align them with the curriculum and have a more refined STEM focus within these units.

Emilie and Craig came out to a planning day at our school to help get the ball rolling. We looked very closely at our throughlines and then started to unpack them with ‘How might we..’ questions and possible end points of these units. In a nutshell we were looking at our units in a ‘Backwards by Design’ approach. They helped us to form clear ideas of what these units could look like across the school.

Our WeSTEM team then had some time to continue looking at our throughlines and connecting to curriculum across our 2 year cycle.

We have since held a staff meeting for staff to look at our term one 2019 throughline and begin to develop an understanding of the throughline and brainstorm possible ideas to use for our units.

Moving forward we will have planning in early 2019 with our teams and continue

the wonderful work we have started.

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