St Thomas Aquinas - Our journey so far...

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Our context...

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School is located in the north of Geelong and has just over 150 students from Foundation to Grade 6. Our students come from significantly disadvantaged backgrounds and at times find learning quite challenging. As a school we believe our students can be confident and successful learners and we are making adjustments to the learning and teaching looks at our school to ensure we are best meeting the needs of our students. It is through the lens of differentiation, we aim to engage our school community in learning, in turn building our student's self efficacy as learners.

Foundation student creating a model of an self created animal which can adapt to a specific environment.

What we have done so far...

  • Connected with experts in the community including Robogirls and Deakin University, and formed a learning partnership with volunteers from Cotton On.

  • Re-designed our Inquiry Learning Curriculum Map considering opportunities to include STEM.

  • Started building teacher knowledge around STEM and Design Thinking.

  • Completed one unit of Inquiry with strong STEM and Design Thinking skills.

  • Invested in a Makerspace and innovative Digital Technologies equipment.

  • Created a twitter account (@ThomasAquinasPS) to share our learning with the school and broader community.

Goals for 2019...

  • Continue to build the school community's understanding and skill sets around STEM and Design Thinking.

  • Promote student learning within the broader school community.

  • Encourage students to participate in competitions which have a STEM or Design Thinking focus including: The STEM Video Game Challenge, LEGO League (Junior and LEGO First competitions) and Tech Girl Superhero Challenge.

  • Make connections to the Media Arts curriculum area as a way of students sharing their learning.

Our school community are looking forward to working with Craig and Emilie to continue to build our skills, knowledge and commitment to increasing student engagement and self-efficacy through STEM and Design Thinking.

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