STEM at St Therese Torquay

Our school was interested in finding out more about STEM and we wanted to really engage our students with more hands on building and construction learning, so we joined the WeSTEM program.

We had been doing some STEM learning in investigations. We had completed an ‘improve it’ challenge earlier in the year, where the students had to choose an existing product and improve it for the user. Some students built models of their product, others drew annotated diagrams and produced advertising campaigns to let others know about it. We identified that staff had a desire to improve their knowledge in STEM because we thought it would be more interesting and engaging for the kids. We also wanted to learn more about how to incorporate technology into our learning. We hadn’t heard of makey makeys until we joined WeSTEM 2.0.

After our training days at Scienceworks we came back to school and decided on a Project/Engineering based model for our students to follow for our unit on “How are you going to change the world?”

This unit coincided with the Quiksilver Sustainability Challenge, a challenge which local surf company Quiksilver supports. We were involved in this challenge with other local schools around Torquay, Anglesea and Aireys Inlet.

The training days shifted our pedagogical thinking to allow students to plan and build prototypes of things to submit for the challenge. Watching videos with the kids from Fun Theory and Litre of Light really sparked their imagination and led to some excellent ideas and construction.

We are looking forward to our next unit in 2019.

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